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eShare’s architecture by its nature provides turnkey integrations with client-provided cloud file storage, as our system stores no files. Today we have integrations with OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Azure Blob Storage, Box, Dropbox and Google Drive. And because we are committed to leveraging your existing email and collaboration workflows, we have existing integrations with Teams, Exchange, Outlook, Office Apps and Gmail.

But what sets eShare apart is the integrations possible with the enterprise applications that initiate or participate in your organization’s file and email-based workflows. The integration options and a few representative user cases are described below.

REST API and code-less integration options

Extend the Functionality of Your Enterprise Applications and Automate File-based Workflows

eShare enables organizations to accelerate the digital transformation of file-based workflows by extending the file sharing and collaboration capabilities of their enterprise applications. This includes file transfer into your applications, not just file sharing with external parties. Using our API or a code-less integration via SMTP, organizations can now swiftly implement highly-secure and automated data exchange with external partners at scale without building and managing complex, expensive new infrastructure or accepting non-compliant solutions.


To access our APIs, authorized users can generate an access token using our Cloud Web Portal (CWP). From there they can use their favorite software to programmatically create, list, modify and disable Trusted Shares, manage files and recipients and much more. All operations are audited and comply with centrally defined sharing and access policies. All information and activity can be viewed and managed through CWP.

Included is the ability to validate uploaded files against a JSON-defined template. Specific fields, for example in a CSV file, can be validated to ensure a require entry is present and the entry is valid or properly formatted (e.g. is a valid medical diagnostic code or is date). Dependent checks can also be performed (e.g. if cell A2 is populated, cell A4 must be as well…both can be checked for valid entries).

And our webform widget allows Trusted Shares to be created and populated with files uploads through a webforms. One client uses the widget on a customer support portal, with client file uploads being stored in SharePoint Online and linked to customer support tickets in Salesforce.

eShare provides documentation and sample code to get you started. Examples are provided in CURL, Python and .NET. The SDK also includes the source code to .NET and Python APIs built on top of the REST APIs, so you can build directly in those environments if you prefer.

Code-Less Integration via SMTP

Many applications have an existing ability to generate emails that contain attached files…explanation of benefits, bill of materials, pay slips, and invoices. But this capability is often rejected when organizations consider how to automate the workflows that involve these documents and their partners, suppliers and clients. The primary reasons for this is:

  • No ability to subject the files to any controls (e.g. view only, download with watermarking, acceptance of Terms of Use, authentication before access)
  • No centralized reporting and analytics related to the receipt of emails and access to and use of the attached files (i.e. were they viewed, which pages)

eShare addresses these limitations, allowing attachments to application-generated emails to be replaced with links to a Trusted Share that is automatically created within your cloud file storage to contain these attachments. All of the file-management controls, central sharing policy management, and reporting and analytics capabilities of the eShare platform are then available to control, audit and manage access to the shared files.

Emails from your applications are routed via SMTP to the eShare Secure Mail Gateway via an email relay. This relay may be embedded within and configurable from your enterprise application (e.g. Salesforce) or it may be configurable from an existing Message Transfer Agent (MTA) that is downstream from your application. This MTA could be Microsoft Exchange Online, a network DLP product (e.g. Symantec), or an email gateway product (e.g. ProofPoint). Emails processed by the Secure Mail Gateway can be routed to your email service provider of choice or can sent by eShare using our integration and long-standing partnership with MailGun.

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