Discover M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration

The Problem

In today's digital world, businesses face challenges in securely exchanging data. Collaboration with external clients or other parties is becoming more and more complex. Sensitive information is at risk and the fear of data loss or breaches is constantly present. Apart from that, it's important to remember that unintended exposure can lead to costly breaches.

The Solution

eShare's M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration offers an advanced solution revolutionizing how organizations share sensitive data. For us it’s all about secure file sharing and collaboration, whether it's inside or outside your organization. We ensure that confidential documents are always handled appropriately.

Our Approach

eShare understands the challenges you face. With M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration, we offer a robust solution designed to simplify your collaboration processes and enhance your operational efficiency. With our platform, managing data sharing becomes seamless, enabling you to collaborate efficiently while being confident that your data remain secure.

How We Help

  • Seamless M365 Integration:
    You can initiate your external file sharing directly from within M365 with an eShare file action menu installed within SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. Also, eShare’s integration with Outlook/Exchange allows secure and collaborative file sharing via email attachments.

  • Trusted Share:
    Whether sharing a single file, a folder or a set of files/folders, including sharing via email attachment, each such action creates a Trusted Share with a system selected and user customized sharing policy that defines recipient rights (e.g., download) and collaboration features (e.g., recipients inviting others to join the share).

  • No More File Replication:
    Your data stays safely in your existing M365 tenant, protected by the integrated security tools. eShare never duplicates, moves or stores your files. Your internal team and external partners, clients and suppliers can collaborate on the same content with no file duplication and no version confusion.

  • Custom Branding & URLs:
    The entire recipient experience is custom to the needs of the client, from colors & logos to site/link URLs. The former instills trust and promotes your brand, while the latter prevents the recipient link blocking that is common with M365, Box, Dropbox and Google. With eShare file sharing is trust worthy and reliable.

    • Flexible, Automated Policies with Fine-Grained Controls:
      eShare offers over 30 customizable controls and collaboration features that can be included in sharing policies for Trusted Shares, tailored to site, channel, or file sensitivity labels, or explicitly assigned. Controls range from basic settings such as independent download, upload and edit rights, to advanced options like downloading as PDF with embedded watermarking and recipient allow/block lists. Collaboration features include messaging, secondary recipient invitations, digital signatures, and download requests without permission. These comprehensive controls ensure your file management aligns perfectly with your organization’s rules and regulations.

    • Analytics & Reporting:
      eShare offers comprehensive summary and detailed reporting and highly actionable analytics to provide insight into how your users are sharing and collaborating with external parties. Whether you are establishing KPIs for file-based workflows or informing your incident response and security operations, eShare provides the reporting that administrators, data owners and users need to improve the productivity and security of their fie sharing and content collaborations. Built upon Power BI, our event data can be exported to your SIEM or incorporated into your private Power BI or Azure Synapse Analytics.

      • Integration with Microsoft Purview Sensitivity Labels and DLP:
        Our sharing policies and underlying controls are applied based on site, channel and file sensitivity labels, with optional sharer and recipient label overrides with provided business justifications. Given file and folder contents can change after they are shared, labels are evaluated both at the time of sharing and at the time of access. And for those organizations who have not yet rolled out labels, especially at the file level, we integrate with Purview DLP so that a pseudo-label can be applied to files based on detected Sensitive Information Types (SITs). With eShare, your file sharing is always compliant with your data protection policies.

      Imagine the Transformation

      Picture a world where your data is secure, your compliance worries are a thing of the past, and your teams are free to focus on what they do best. With M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration, that world is within reach.

      The Benefits

      Save Money

      By moving your file sharing onto M365 and off point solutions (e.g., DropBox, Box, Kiteworks etc), you eliminate the licensing cost and IT operational overhead of the displaced point solutions.

      100% Availability

      The link blocking that is common to Box, Google and other point solutions for file sharing is eliminated, ensuring that your collaborations are dead on arrival.

      Increase Productivity

      By leveraging the UX and storage of M365 applications, users are able to share files with greater ease and without the data duplication and version confusion that are inherent to point solutions.

      Put More Data to Work, Securely

      eShare encourages greater data sharing, with label-driven, fine-grained controls that ensure you are not oversharing and always compliant with your data protection policies.

      Take the Next Step & Join the Movement

      Thousands of enterprises across industries like aerospace, insurance, manufacturing, pharma/biotech, and financial services are already benefiting from M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration. Now it's your turn.

      Ready to transform the way you collaborate?

      Explore our detailed product documentation and schedule a meeting with our experts. Let eShare's M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration guide you to a future where your data is secure, compliant, and empowering your organization's growth.


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