Empowering a Fortune 100 Company with Secure and Compliant Collaboration: eShare's Governance Solution for M365

Founded in 1961, this company is a leading consumer-focused innovator, offering a variety of health-related products and services designed to help people achieve lifelong well-being. In 2023, the company ranked 42 on the Fortune 500 list, which made it the highest ranked (by revenues) company based in Kentucky. It is the fourth largest health insurance provider in the U.S.

The company was seeking a governance solution that would help it collaborate freely from M365. The solution had to protect the confidentiality of the personal and health information the company processes and meet strict regulatory and contractual requirements. They found eShare to be a simple and versatile solution for supporting numerous use cases, simplifying operations, and lowering reliance on 3rd party file transfer tools and email attachments.

From eShare's perspective, the challenges were as follows:

Seamless Link Sharing & Adherence to Data Usage: The first challenge was enabling users to share links directly from M365 without transferring files or creating guest accounts. Next, eShare needed to ensure that data usage policies, privacy, and regulatory requirements were automatically enforced when a file was accessed. Additionally, eShare had to maintain strict adherence to all relevant data usage, privacy, and regulatory standards seamlessly. Finally, it was crucial to enhance the user experience while maintaining high security and compliance.

Workflow Automation: eShare encountered several significant challenges while automating the workflow for validating provider lists. The primary obstacle was transitioning from a manual process to an automated system. Additionally, there was a crucial need to decrease the processing time, which originally stood at 90 days. Meeting stringent contractual requirements concerning the process timeline was imperative.

Workflow Security: eShare encountered several significant challenges in establishing a secure and efficient workflow for sharing large recordings of confidential member calls. The primary challenge was ensuring the security of these recordings throughout the sharing process, including storage in a confidential repository and transmission to a third party as required by contract for quality control and validation. Additionally, there was a need to optimize the workflow to minimize delays and bottlenecks, ensuring swift and seamless delivery of recordings while complying with contractual obligations.This required careful management of confidential data, balancing the necessity of sharing with third parties against the imperative to preserve privacy and confidentiality.

In light of these challenges, eShare embarked on a strategic initiative, tailoring specific solutions to add research challenge comprehensively:

Governance Solutions: eShare provided the company with a governance solution that enabled seamless sharing of links from M365 applications, eliminating the necessity for file transfers or guest account creation. Policies were automatically applied upon file access, ensuring strict adherence to company data usage policies, privacy regulations, and regulatory requirements. This solution not only enhanced user experience but also ensured compliance with all relevant standards. The outcome was a robust framework that adhered to regulations while enabling efficient collaboration.

Workflow Improvements: eShare implemented meticulous automation efforts to streamline the validation workflow, reducing the processing time from 90 days to just 2. This ensured alignment with contractual obligations and achieved full compliance with the timeline process.

Data Control & Productivity: In partnership with eShare, the company embarked on a journey to optimize its workflows for sharing confidential member call recordings. Leveraging eShare's advanced solutions, the company gained unparalleled control over data lifecycle management, leading to a significant reduction in risk and a marked improvement in service quality. By empowering the company’s workforce to focus on high-value tasks, eShare played a pivotal role in driving this transformative success.

Coupled with eShare's guidance, the company’s vast workforce of 67,600 employees can confidently exchange secure data, ensuring seamless collaboration across the organization.


eShare's unwavering commitment to secure collaboration ensures that your sensitive data remains safeguarded, empowering your organization to thrive in a digital landscape fraught with risks!

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