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Enabling External Collaboration for One of the Largest Asset Managers in the World

Three years ago, shortly after settling on a “no cloud” strategy, one of the world’s largest asset managers was required to disclose details of its trading algorithms to a regulator to create an innovative new product offering.

There was just one catch: the regulator operates under very strict security standards.

As a result, none of the legacy data sharing products the asset manager had available were acceptable: the regulator wouldn’t allow plug-ins or agree to meet software version requirements, the data exchange needed to be fully auditable by both parties, and the sharing needed to be 100% revocable on demand.

Following a thorough evaluation of potential solutions, the company selected eShare Trusted Sharing to enable and secure the information exchange, deeming it the only solution in the market that allowed their users to share sensitive information using fine-grained controls from directly inside their existing email and collaboration tools.

Without deploying software or plug-ins to the recipients or requiring them to use the latest versions.

The requirement for disclosure has come and gone, but something more important happened; the company realized they could use eShare products to collaborate with any and all external parties in the cloud anytime – not just as a special case, for a specific project.

Today the company has adopted a “cloud first” strategy to ensure that they gain the maximum value from the ecosystem of consultants, outside counsel, advertising partners and many others.

To support this expansion, they’ve added 10x the number of Trusted Sharing seats - enabling them to engage in most any business opportunity that requires external sharing.

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