Strategic Partnership: eShare Teams Up with a Global Biotechnology Pioneer for Organizational Excellence

Pioneering in the field of biotechnology and research since 1980, this company is now one of the leading independent biotechnology companies globally. Their therapies have helped millions of patients worldwide, while simultaneously developing one of the most innovative portfolios of new molecules in the pharmaceutical industry. This dynamic approach aims to drive new and revolutionary therapeutic solutions for serious illnesses in the future. The company has presence in more than 100 countries and employs over 23,000 people worldwide.

The company partnered with eShare to fully realize its organizational strategy, tackling the critical challenges outlined below:

Data Sprawl: Large companies consistently grapple with the risk of accumulating extensive amounts of data, which can lead to a situation where they lose a clear understanding of their data holdings and management practices. Data sprawl complicates maintaining visibility, control, and security over this data. Consequently, the risk of data breaches increases, potentially compromising compliance efforts and hindering effective data analysis.

Data Security Privacy and Migration: Entrusting data to a third party means relinquishing direct control over its security and privacy. If the cloud provider experiences a security breach or data leak, it can disrupt business operations, damage reputation, and potentially lead to legal consequences. Also, moving data from an existing infrastructure to the cloud can be complex and, as a result, data migration errors or delays can disrupt operations during the transition.

External Governance: When organizations lack effective external governance, they face several challenges that can impact their operations, security, and overall success. Without proper governance, data maybe exposed to unauthorized individuals or entities. Also, external collaboration often means data resides outside the organization’s direct control.

In response to these challenges, eShare devised targeted solutions for each one, addressing them individually:

Data Sprawl & Cost Reduction: The company recognized the power of their M365 investment. With strategic foresight, they consolidated data into SharePoint. A seamless transition that eliminated third-party cloud storage costs and significantly reduced security risks was the result. eShare’s role in this transformation was pivotal, ensuring a smooth migration while preserving data integrity.

Innovation with AI: Company’s commitment to innovation led them to embrace artificial intelligence. As an early adopter, they entrusted eShare with migrating all company data from third-party clouds.The challenge? Zero business interruption. The outcome? A harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and practical execution. eShare not only moved the data but also enhanced external collaboration, fostering a culture of agility and progress.

Robust Governance: Leveraging M365 Labeling and the eShare platform, the company achieved advanced governance in external collaboration. The outcome was a symphony of security, where data flows harmoniously within defined boundaries. eShare’s expertise ensured that the right people accessed the right information, safeguarding both trust and reputation.


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