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eShare Announces the Creation of an Elite Advisory Board to Spearhead Holistic Data Governance Initiatives

eShare Announces the Creation of an Elite Advisory Board to Spearhead Holistic Data Governance Initiatives


[Waltham, MA, December 18, 2023] - eShare, a trailblazer in the holistic data governance and collaboration arena, is excited to announce the inauguration of its Technical and Modern Collaboration Advisory Board. The board's establishment is a strategic enhancement to eShare's mission of delivering a comprehensive data governance platform that synergizes with Microsoft's robust suite of productivity tools.

The eShare platform exemplifies a holistic approach to data governance, ensuring that data management and collaborative processes are not only secure and compliant but also inherently intuitive and interconnected. By facilitating a seamless and integrated governance experience, eShare empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data assets within a unified collaborative environment.

The advisory board is comprised of industry leaders from diverse sectors, including aerospace, defense, insurance, healthcare, pharma, government, retail, consulting services, energy, and utilities. They are grouped into three subcommittees, based on expertise: Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and Digital Workplace executives.

Nicholas Stamos, CEO of eShare, states, "Our advisory board is essential to our strategic focus on holistic data governance. As we deepen our platform's capabilities, we remain attuned to the intricate needs of modern enterprises, ensuring that our solutions advance their governance, compliance, and collaboration objectives in a single, cohesive framework."

The advisory board members are:

CIO Subcommittee:

Jacqui Nevils (Board Chair), Former CIO at L3 Harris Technologies   LinkedIn Profile

Sears Merrit, Head of Enterprise Technology & Experience at MassMutual   LinkedIn Profile

Vicki Hildebrand, CIO/SVP at Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA   LinkedIn Profile

CISO Subcommittee:

Mike Towers (Board Chair), Founder & Principal at Digital Trust Group LLC   LinkedIn Profile

Jeffrey W. Brown, CISO for the State of CT   LinkedIn Profile

Ravi Thatavarthy, CISO at Rite Aid   LinkedIn Profile

Digital Workplace Subcommittee:

Courtney Lelinho (Board Chair), SVP of Technology at Bain & Co.   LinkedIn Profile

Danny N. Poisson, TVP, Chief Technology Officer for A&D at PTC   LinkedIn Profile

Zach Nimboorkar, SVP Global Technology Services & Operations at Schneider Electric   LinkedIn Profile

“This is a testament to eShare’s dedication to advancing modern collaboration within organizations and today it’s even more critical as cybersecurity threats continue to increase and governance, ABAC and Zero Trust become more critical. The Board’s efforts will be instrumental in shaping eShare's strategic direction, bolstering its offerings, and ensuring that its clients benefit from the most secure and efficient collaboration solutions available,” added Stamos.

For more information about eShare and its new Technical Advisory & Modern Collaboration Board, please visit

About eShare:

eShare ( is a leading provider of modern collaboration solutions that easily work within any enterprise’s governance rules.  Always known for innovation, eShare’s approach does not require the need for 3rd party clouds, like most other collaboration and file-sharing solutions. The company is dedicated to enhancing productivity and efficiency in digital workplaces while ensuring the highest standards of data protection, reporting, and compliance.

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Don Winter

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