eShare Makes Waves at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit

On March 18th and 19th top companies from around the globe gathered in Grapevine, Texas for the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit. Attendees included Digital Workplace, IT and application leaders, and the Summit focused on digital workplace maturity, generative AI, the future of work, and Digital Employee Experience (DEX).

On day one, eShare made waves with its session: “Project Synergy: Forging Collaborative Success Between Digital Workplace & Security.” Professionals from over 28 enterprise companies were in attendance, including Citizens Bank,ConocoPhillips, Vanguard, and GE.

From Left to Right: Mike Parrella, Mike Towers and Courtney Lelinho

eShare invited industry thought leaders Mike Towers (Chief Security & Trust Officer at Veza) and Courtney Lelinho (SVP of Technology at Bain & Co) to share their firsthand experiences and offer recommendations for digital workplace and IT to collaborate most effectively.

The following are just a few of the key takeaways from the engaging session.

Bridging Digital Workplace and Security

Mike Towers emphasized the differing priorities of security and technology organizations, advocating for collaborative approaches that prioritize risk reduction, compliance, and trust without sacrificing technological advancement or speed.

Courtney Lino shared insights on the friction points within organizations, highlighting the importance of innovation and the pitfalls of misaligned goals and delayed decision-making.She pointed out that tools deemed secure are often cumbersome, leading to the rise of shadow IT as employees seek out user-friendly alternatives like Trello or Asana. 

Unified Approach to External Collaboration

The session underscored the importance of extending the fluid internal collaboration employees experience within platforms like Microsoft 365 to external stakeholders, advocating for a seamless experience that adds appropriate risk controls without sacrificing productivity.

Recommendations for Organizational Harmony 

The presenters agreed on the necessity of joint planning sessions between digital workplace leadership and security executives to ensure aligned roadmaps and shared objectives.

There's a push for security measures to be ingrained seamlessly within workflows, enabling end-users to operate securely without additional steps or complexities. eShare's solution, for instance, allows email attachments to automatically convert into secure links, integrating into the flow of work effortlessly.

Commitment to User Experience

The discussion highlighted the shift in the security mindset from being seen as a productivity roadblock to acting as an enabler for speed and efficiency in organizations.

eShare as a Unifying Platform

eShare’s platform was credited for its ability to extend collaborative productivity externally, while uniting security structures across multiple systems and addressing the challenge of permission variability, which is crucial as data continues to be akey asset in business operations.

For further insights and discussions, eShare welcomed attendees to join their booth, offering deeper conversations on overcoming unique organizational challenges with their team of experts. 

In Conclusion

eShare's presentation at the summit provided a roadmap for integrating robust security measures within thedigital workplace, reinforcing their commitment to improving productivity through secure and streamlined collaboration solutions. 

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