eShare Takes the Spotlight at Gartner® Digital Workplace Summit 2024 in London

Generative AI was a recurring topic throughout the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit in London on June 10-11, infused into every talk and conversation. Over the course of two days, speakers and attendees delved into strategies for enhancing the digital employee experience (DEX) and empowering a thriving workforce.

On day 2, eShare took the spotlight with its session, “Security for the Digital Workplace in the AI Era,” hosted by our CEO & Founder, Nick Stamos, and accompanied by Zach Nimboorkar, SVP Global Technology Services & Operations at Schneider Electric. This thought-provoking discussion raised crucial questions around security within the M365 environment and the onboarding and use of GenAI, especially Copilot.

Some key points are as follows:

Zach Nimboorkar & Nick Stamos

The main problem Zach Nimboorkar identified is that many users don’t understand how to tag their documents properly, leading to incorrect tagging. This leads to employees having access to sensitive information and oversharing. As a result, a leading global company experienced an incident where an executive assistant accidentally shared top executive salaries with the entire organization.

Additionally, Mr. Nimboorkar addressed the issue of tagging documents by business unit (e.g., Finance team and/or HR team) and the option for the end user to be restricted to their Active Directory credentials.

In terms of risk mitigation, Nick Stamos recognized the complexity of a file-based approach, so agreed that a departmental strategy is the recommended way to address this issue.

Prioritizing the employees’ groups, the top C-level executives and above are the ones sharing the most sensitive data, followed by Supply Chain, HR, and Finance. These groups are the most vulnerable to data leaks and breaches. The research and development community is pretty isolated, so they are the last ones to be addressed in terms of secure collaboration.

In specific large-scale organizations user training and awareness are not just options but mandatory for annual performance evaluations. However, this scheme is not working effectively. Mr. Nimboorkar underlined the necessity of a solution that focuses on Active Directory credentials, asking,: “What do you need access to and why?”

An example was shared about a major global company that conducted specialized training for top executives and executive assistants about secure collaboration, but it didn’t work. Data labeling classification remains an issue for larger-scale companies because employees tend to label files as general or public rather than confidential to avoid causing friction when collaborating with an executive.

From a policy enforcement perspective, the use of links (whether to click them or not) seems vague because employees don’t have a clear understanding of when a link is secure or not.

The discussion created fertile ground for solutions to bloom. During the session Nick Stamos shared the solutions provided by eShare, a holistic approach that manages both internal and external governance for M365.

Let’s take a closer look at how this solution differs from batch-based approaches:

• Continuous Compliance with real-time policy enforcement versus periodic checks and immediate remediation to minimize risk exposure.

• Proactivity in preventing data oversharing, unlike reactive batch remediation, and consistency in compliance through continuous monitoring.

• User-centric approach with real-time remediation for user engagement that minimizes disruptions. Also, user education on governance is provided at critical moments.

eShare's Solutions

With M365 Enterprise Sharing Governance, eShare is your comprehensive ally in the quest to prevent internal data oversharing and thus minimizing the risk of deploying Copilot and maximizing productivity. We offer a robust solution designed to simplify your data governance processes and enhance your operational efficiency, while not impacting the necessary flow of information within your organization. We're here to help you navigate the complexities of data governance with confidence. [Learn more]

With M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration, eShare offers an advanced solution that revolutionizes the way organizations share sensitive data with external parties. We allow users to initiate their file sharing and content collaborations from the M365 apps they are familiar with, while providing organizations the recipient access and use control and link reliability that M365 natively lacks. We ensure that confidential documents are always shared appropriately with your users and accessed and used appropriately by your clients, partners and suppliers. [Learn more]

eShare, with its solutions, has provided a roadmap for comprehensive security measures within the M365 environment, aiming for a frictionless user experience and increased productivity through seamless collaboration.

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