How is eShare Different?

We often encounter two primary inquiries from interested parties:

"I already have Microsoft 365 (M365), how is eShare any different from just using that?"


"How is eShare any different from other file-sharing services like Box, Dropbox, etc.?"

Let's address these questions:

eShare vs. M365

eShare offers a unique experience, especially in the context of sharing within a Microsoft environment, as it introduces features that enhance user experience, security, and efficiency.

1. User-friendly Experience and Enhanced Security: eShare excels in providing a user-friendly experience with intuitive controls and enhances security without affecting users' familiar behaviors. Our Secure Mail feature, for instance, allows users to maintain their email-based workflows while ensuring the safe handling of sensitive information.

2. Identity Management: eShare alleviates the need for managing identities within a tenant, allowing for real-time business operations and the possibility of transient or ad hoc sharing environments. Our unique "bring your own identity" approach validates users against their home organization, significantly reducing friction during the sharing process.

3. Branding and Domain Consistency: eShare ensures the continuity of the sharing organization's branding and domain, fostering trust and legitimacy throughout the sharing process. The consistent branding minimizes the potential for access blockage by security organizations.

4. Robust Policy Options: eShare provides comprehensive policy options, giving you control down to the file level. This control allows the evaluation of each file's sensitivity, determining who should have access and the nature of this access, which enhances governance and compliance.

5. Analytics and Visibility: eShare's comprehensive analytics module provides visibility into the movement of unstructured data within your organization and during external sharing. The module can also be integrated into your private Power Bi instance for a more detailed understanding of your data flow.

In addition to these unique features, eShare provides enhanced security features:

Office 365 Security Integration: eShare seamlessly integrates with the security controls offered by Office 365, including Teams and SharePoint Online, creating a secure environment for your data.

Azure Directory Services Integration: eShare works in harmony with Azure Directory Services, managing the global address list and user groups. This allows you to take advantage of Azure's robust identity and access management features, such as Multi-Factor Authentication, Conditional Access, Identity Protection, and Privileged Identity Management. These features serve as a barrier against unauthorized data access.

Support for Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) / Azure Information Protection (AIP) Labels: eShare is compatible with MIP and AIP data labels, facilitating the classification and protection of your documents and emails. Labels can be applied automatically, manually, or through a hybrid approach where users receive recommendations.

Membership in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association: As a member of this association, eShare has access to APIs and technical resources that extend MIP's data protections to external parties, including those in non-Microsoft environments. This is particularly beneficial when sharing sensitive data with third-party collaborators not using Microsoft products.

Data Residency: By utilizing OneDrive and SharePoint Online for all file storage, the data resides within your organization's Microsoft 365 tenant. Microsoft's data loss prevention (DLP) policies further secure this data by automatically identifying, monitoring, and protecting sensitive information across Office 365.

eShare. That's all you need.

eShare vs. Box, Dropbox, etc.

Compared to other popular file-sharing services, in addition to the benefits above, eShare provides several advantages:

1. Cost-Effectiveness: eShare is approximately half the price of similar services, offering an economical solution for all types of organizations.

2. Elimination of File Replication: eShare doesn’t store your data in yet another repository. In fact eShare doesn’t store your data AT ALL. Your data stays at home where it belongs, safely in your M365 tenant, protected by world class integrated security tools. eShare eliminates the issue of file replication, a common challenge with most file-sharing services. With eShare, over 90% of the time, the data stays within your tenant, eliminating the need to duplicate it to another repository for sharing. This feature virtually eliminates data redundancy and inconsistencies.

3. Avoidance of Domain Blocking: Commonly used sharing domains can sometimes be blocked by security measures within organizations. eShare circumvents this issue by using the domain of the sharing organization, reducing the likelihood of blocked access by security organizations.

In conclusion, eShare's unique features, cost-effectiveness, and integration with Microsoft's security infrastructure make it a superior solution for sharing within a Microsoft environment. Its ability to reduce file replication and avoid domain blocking further distinguishes it from other file-sharing services in the market, ensuring a secure, efficient, and effective file-sharing experience.


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