eShare: The Superior Alternative to AvePoint

Managing and governing the sharing of data within Microsoft 365 is a common challenge. In the AI era, collaboration internally with Copilot and externally with suppliers and vendors is becoming increasingly complex. Sensitive information is at risk, and the fear of data loss or breaches is constantly present. While AvePoint has been a go-to solution for many, it's crucial to evaluate if it still fits your needs today. Let's explore why switching to eShare is the best move for your organization.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Data Management with eShare

We provide a complete solution, offering not just a replacement for AvePoint's capabilities but also an upgrade. Here's how eShare can transform the way you exchange data both internally and externally:

Specialization in Secure Collaboration

eShare specializes in secure collaboration, offering a comprehensive solution that addresses both internal sharing governance and external collaboration. Unlike AvePoint, eShare's focus on secure collaboration means that every aspect of your platform is optimized to ensure the highest levels of security for your organization's data.

Integrated Security Solutions

With eShare you get more than just a platform - you get an end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of data sharing and collaboration. Whether you're looking to secure internal communications or collaborate with external partners, eShare has you covered. Our platform provides robust security measures to protect against data loss and breaches, giving you peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is safe and secure.

Optimized User Experience

eShare offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access and manage their data securely. With intuitive design and seamless integration, eShare ensures that your team can focus on what matters without the difficulties of complicates software.

eShare's Solutions:

M365 Enterprise Sharing Governance: Your comprehensive ally in the quest to secure and manage your data sharing. Whether it's SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive, eShare's solution provides the tools and insights needed to keep your sensitive information safe and your organization compliant.

M365 Extended Enterprise Collaboration: Revolutionizing the way organizations share sensitive data, eShare ensures that confidential documents are always handled appropriately, both inside and outside your organization.

Advisory Services

Today's collaboration demands tomorrow's tools and strategies. eShare's Advisory Services build on your existing Microsoft 365 investment, offering enhanced data security without disrupting your current workflow. Enhance your M365 investment and expand its capabilities by at least 300% with eShare's solutions.

Smooth Transition Process

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and efficient transition to eShare's platform. From onboarding assistance to ongoing support, we are here to help every step of the way, ensuring that you get the most out of your investment in eShare.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

eShare currently serves clients from Fortune 500 companies, including leading manufacturers, top insurance companies, and major pharmaceutical firms. This robust and versatile platform provides enhanced security, improved collaboration, and a compliance-first architecture, making it the preferred choice for industry leaders.

Why Choose eShare?

eShare addresses the critical need for a seamless and secure method of sharing sensitive files, ensuring operational continuity and data integrity. With enhanced security, improved collaboration, and a focus on compliance, eShare is the ideal choice for organizations seeking to upgrade their file-sharing and collaboration infrastructure.

Ready to Upgrade?

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