Unmasking the Invisible Threat: 5 Risk Factors Fueling Accidental Data Breaches and the Modern Solution

In an era where data is a pivotal asset, protecting it from potential threats has become a primary concern for organizations. However, the real threat often lurks within our own organizations, invisible yet potent. According to a recent survey commissioned by Egress1, an astounding 83% of security professionals believe that employees have unintentionally exposed sensitive customer or business data.

While it might seem tempting to tighten up data encryption, it's not the full answer. Modern collaboration requires seamless data sharing and accessibility, something excessive encryption can inadvertently stifle. At eShare, we advocate for secure sharing and thoughtful handling of data, bringing these principles to life with our platform.

The survey has shed light on the top five technologies contributing to accidental data breaches:

  1. External Email Services (51%): While services like Gmail and Yahoo are popular for personal use, they lack the robust security protocols necessary for corporate usage. They do not seamlessly integrate with most corporate IT ecosystems, leading to risks during data transmission. eShare's seamless integration with Microsoft 365 leverages the security of your existing Microsoft ecosystem, allowing for safe and efficient data handling within familiar interfaces.
  2. Corporate Email (46%): Simple errors like sending sensitive data to the wrong address or attaching confidential files inadvertently can lead to major data breaches. Secure external collaboration is a cornerstone of eShare, providing a dedicated environment that controls data even while enabling secure sharing and collaboration with external parties.
  3. File Sharing Services (40%): FTP sites and other traditional file-sharing services often lack granular permission controls, leading to unregulated access and potential data leaks. eShare, on the other hand, offers robust reporting capabilities with granular insights into sharing activities and data access, ensuring data is shared and managed compliantly.
  4. Collaboration Tools (38%): Tools like Slack, Dropbox, Box, and Egnyte, despite enhancing productivity, can inadvertently become conduits for data leakage due to their broad access controls and non-integrated file storage. eShare's customization capabilities maintain brand identity and ensure a professional appearance while enhancing trust during collaboration.
  5. SMS/Messaging Apps (35%): While convenient, apps like G-Chat and WhatsApp lack enterprise-grade security measures, leaving shared data vulnerable. eShare simplifies data management, reducing duplication and administrative overhead. Files remain in the Microsoft 365 environment, reducing the need for data replication to other platforms, streamlining data management processes, and reducing the risk of data loss.

The shift from encryption-centered strategies to secure sharing is the need of the hour. eShare reimagines data sharing and management to ensure your sensitive data remains secure without sacrificing collaboration or productivity. 

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1 Egress study, as reported by businesswire.com https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20190221005061/en/Survey-83-Percent-of-U.S.-Organizations-Have-Accidentally-Exposed-Sensitive-Data


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