A New Era of File Sharing: eShare + M365 Integration

As businesses evolve in the modern digital era, the need for secure, efficient, and flexible data collaboration becomes more pronounced than ever. A pioneer in this sphere, eShare, has made a significant stride by integrating its state-of-the-art Secure Data Collaboration solution with Microsoft 365 (M365), marking the beginning of a new era in file sharing.


The Advent of a Unified Platform

M365 has undeniably emerged as a forerunner in the realm of digital enterprise solutions. By combining familiar productivity applications with useful cloud services, it offers a comprehensive suite that businesses worldwide have come to rely on. However, the journey of modern collaboration is replete with challenges, particularly regarding secure files haring. That's where eShare steps in, integrating seamlessly with M365 to enhance its capabilities and provide a solution tailored for the modern enterprise

eShare: The Perfect Fit for Microsoft 365

eShare harnesses the strength of M365's collaborative suite while plugging its gaps. The combination is like fitting a key into a lock, producing an enhanced experience that offers a single, unified platform for secure external file sharing.

eShare aligns perfectly with Microsoft 365's SharePoint,OneDrive, and Teams, enabling businesses to leverage these applications' collaborative capabilities while mitigating the challenges of data protection.It sidesteps traditional, file-level rights management limitations, promoting a free flow of information and collaboration without compromising security. 

Simplifying Collaboration: The eShare Advantage

One of eShare's most notable features is its ability to overlay collaboration policy over Microsoft 365. By doing so, it eliminates the need for data encryption or enabling external access, which can often pose a risk. Instead, eShare provides administrators and collaborators an external file sharing experience that is neatly integrated into their existing productivity workflow.

eShare transforms the way sensitive files are shared. When an internal user shares a sensitive file, eShare's advanced policy engine performs a series of checks – from recipient authorization to site security to the sensitivity label on the file. This process significantly eases the burden onIT departments, providing internal users with the necessary support to conduct business securely and efficiently.

The Journey of a File Shared

Once a file is shared, the recipient receives a secure link that leads back to the file housed safely within the organization's chosen cloud storage, be it a SharePoint folder or OneDrive. The original file never leaves the organization's premises, offering a sense of security and control that is invaluable in today's digital era.

The integration of eShare with Microsoft 365 also means that businesses can present a completely branded web portal when an external recipient accesses a file. This process not only reinforces the company's brand identity but also enhances the trust factor during collaboration with external parties.



In conclusion, the integration of eShare and Microsoft 365is revolutionizing the realm of secure data collaboration and file sharing.It's a symbiotic relationship that empowers businesses to maintain control of their data while promoting effective collaboration. eShare has paved the way for a new era of file sharing, demonstrating how technological innovation can successfully address the needs of the modern enterprise. In essence, eShare andMicrosoft 365 are shaping the future of digital collaboration, and the future indeed looks promising.


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