Unlocking Visibility and Empowering Decision-Making: Introducing eShare's Advanced Analytics for External Collaboration


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In today's world of external collaboration and file sharing, the process can often resemble a tangled web of disparate solutions, shadow IT, and unprotected emails. This chaotic landscape presents challenges for security and IT departments striving to report to management effectively and maintain compliance.

The pressing question remains:

"Who has shared what, and what are the associated risks? "

Fortunately, a groundbreaking solution called eShare aims to revolutionize the way organizations approach external collaboration and bring order to the chaos.

Regain Control and Visibility:

eShare offers a secure and centralized platform that allows you to regain control and visibility over your shared files. By bidding farewell to the fragmented tools of the past, you can welcome a comprehensive solution that grants you insights into your organization's external collaboration activities.

Monitoring and Tracking:

Implementing eShare empowers your IT department to monitor and track file sharing activities meticulously. Instead of being in the dark about who accessed your files and what actions were taken, eShare provides real-time reporting and analytics. This means you can proactively identify potential vulnerabilities and security breaches, bolstering your organization's overall defense against threats.

Ensuring Compliance:

In today's regulatory landscape, compliance plays a vital role in mitigating risks. With eShare, you can rest assured knowing that your organization meets regulatory requirements for external collaboration practices. The platform facilitates adherence to industry-specific regulations and provides the necessary tools to streamline compliance reporting.

Comprehensive Insights and Analytics:

Gone are the days of merely guessing what is happening with your shared files. eShare empowers you with comprehensive insights and analytics. Be it file access, activity tracking, or risk assessment, you can delve into meaningful data to inform your decision-making process. You'll have a clear understanding of who shared files, who accessed them, and any potential compliance or security risks.

Bringing Order and Efficiency:

The haphazard approach to external collaboration can hinder productivity and introduce unnecessary risks. By embracing eShare, you can bring order to the chaos and optimize your collaboration processes. Centralizing your file sharing efforts streamlines workflows, enhances communication, and ensures that everyone is on the same page, all while prioritizing security and compliance.


No longer do you have to succumb to the challenges posed by a fractured external collaboration landscape. With eShare, you can take back control and establish a secure, centralized platform that offers comprehensive insights into your organization's file sharing activities. Say goodbye to the risks of point solutions, shadow IT, and unprotected emails, and embrace a new era of security, compliance, and efficiency. It's time to make eShare the cornerstone of your external collaboration practices.


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