Can You Fax It To Us???

Everybody writes about how their product enables collaboration, and there are numerous solutions that claim to make sharing content easy and fun.

There's just one problem: most of them don't work in the large or regulated enterprise.

e-Share- cartoon digital transformation hires

The reality is that most sharing solutions aren't designed for collaborating with people outside the company. Sharing with auditors or regulators is a high-profile example - but the cartoon nails the universal use case, the one we've all seen, year in and year out, despite $100s of millions of dollars raised and generations of products having come and gone...

The joke is on us.

Let's start with the presentation. How many solutions require a download, install or browser plug-in? The answer is most! Installing new software on corporate devices is not allowed by any regulated organization, including the regulators themselves.

So next, it's time to email copies of the presentation to all recipients. This isn't a good idea, but time pressure often leads to non-compliance. Every security team knows this. Regulated companies block attachments that are large, contain specific keywords, or sensitive information (PII, PCI, PHI etc.)

Finally, let's try a collaboration solution! While easy to sign-up for, these services, from Dropbox and Box to large file transfer systems, are blocked by firewalls at most companies. (They simply can't afford to take the risk of un-managed data flow and potential phishing email links)

Which leads to ... the punch line:

e-Share - Fax image

It almost seems reasonable, doesn't it? Phone lines are compliant and protected by law against tapping vs the open internet. The recipient will receive a non-digital copy, which is much harder to compromise than a digital one. It's just crazy enough to work!

The good news is, you don't have to suffer this joke any longer! Provision your company with eShare Trusted Sharing. Then your employees can share files of any size, with any recipient, without kidding around.

With eShare Trusted Sharing, the entire experience is YOUR company brand, hosted on YOUR sub-domain like, with YOUR SSL certificate.

e-Share - Trusted share recipient view

All links and notifications come from that domain, so they won't be blocked by DLP or spam filters. Our recipient experience requires no plug-ins or installs of any kind, either.

And everything just works.

Contact us for a demo, and see how quickly you can quit making this joke!

Bill Fletcher

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