Create a Virtual Data Room in One Minute

Did you know you could create a virtual data room in one minute, using the eShare platform? 

It's true. You can actually just send an email with attachments, and specify the "virtual data room" policy. Or use our cloud portal to do it.

e-Share - VDR email

Either way, what bliss!

As soon as you click "send" or "share", eShare provisions the VDR on-the-fly, then notifies all recipients using your logo, colors and sub-domain - so they won't appear to be spam.

e-Share - Share

Access to the data room requires recipients to authenticate with their corporate account via OpenID. You van further require they use an access code, read and accept your corporate terms of use - among other sharing options.

e-Share - Share

From there, they can view, but not download your documents. They can't even copy/paste. You can optionally allow them to edit online using Office 365 or GSuite.

They can also upload their own documents and exhibits as part of the collaboration. Those become read-only to all other participants, per policy.

Everyone you authorize can also discuss and negotiate the deal using integrated Secure Mail. Some of those conversations are more sensitive than the documents! They should never be transmitted through non-secure email infrastructure.

Learn more about Virtual Data Rooms or register for a demo anytime!

Bill Fletcher

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