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Today, not long after Data Privacy day, eShare is delighted to announce general availability of our GDPR compliant paystub delivery solution, fully integrated with SAP.

e-Share - SAP

We developed this solution for an EU client who has been using NetWeaver with the standard SAP UI to run data delivery tasks like payroll, then email unencrypted PDFs to employees. In the context of recent breaches, such delivery models simply aren’t secure enough for employee data like paystubs. Among other things, it's fully visible to IT administrators and likely other non-authorized users. Furthermore, such delivery provides no retrospective ability - the recipient, an employee, is on their own to download and secure the content.

eShare's SAP Secure Delivery solution securely delivers and fully protects sensitive records like paystubs throughout their entire lifecycle.

During data processing, the HR supervisor simply selects the eshare Secure Delivery option for the specified job. eShare's platform integrates with SAP NetWeaver Platform Server via the ABAP (Advanced Business Application) ... and takes it from there, providing full compliance with EU GDPR, HIPAA and other standards. Note that all existing databases can be supported including Oracle, SAP, HANA, MySQL, etc.

e-Share - SAP

Data is encrypted in transit and at rest using military-grade encryption, and/or encryption built-in to your existing cloud storage provider (Dropbox, MS OneDrive, GDrive or Box). Recipients are invited to access the content via a secure, fully branded portal - including your sub-domain e.g. - so they know it's not phishing attack, and your IT group won't block it already. And they can keep coming back to the portal to access their paystub history, anytime.


Authentication options range access/PIN codes, to logging in with MS Office or Google accounts via OpenID to full-registration. Documents can be watermarked with the recipient's email and IP address for even greater traceability. Every access is audited (and searchable, by administrators). All associated messages can be seamlessly forwarded to any existing corporate eDiscovery platform as well.

Register for a demo today to see Secure Delivery in action!

Bill Fletcher

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