eShare Secure External Collaboration Trials Now in MS AppSource!!

eShare is proud to announce that our Secure External Collaboration Trial is now available in the Microsoft AppSource!

You can read the announcement and see some of the other new arrivals on the AppSource blog: (scroll down to the "Improve collaboration" section.)

Among other things, the trial includes:

• eShare Trusted Sharing

• eShare Secure Mail

• Your organization's branding and subdomain for all shared file URLs

• Secure file/folder sharing through OneDrive

• Secure email via our web portal or Outlook Integration

Check out a screenshot of the branded experience:

E-Share Secure External Collaboration Trials Now in MS AppSource!!

BTW, eShare has similar features for users of GSuite, MS Teams and Slack. We can have your organization up and running in hours, if you like. Contact us to learn more.

Bill Fletcher

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