Forging a Strong Alliance: How CISOs Can Align with Digital Workplace Teams for a Secure and Efficient Enterprise

Forging a Strong Alliance: How CISOs Can Align with Digital Workplace Teams for a Secure and Efficient Enterprise


In the digital era, the role of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) is rapidly evolving. No longer confined to the realms of IT security, CISOs are now pivotal in driving enterprise-wide digital initiatives. A crucial aspect of this role is aligning with the Digital Workplace team. This collaboration is not just beneficial but necessary for ensuring a secure, efficient, and resilient digital environment within large enterprises.

Key Strategies for Alignment:

1. Open Communication and Regular Meetings:

Regular communication fosters a culture of mutual understanding and respect between the cybersecurity and Digital Workplace teams.
It ensures that both teams are on the same page regarding the organization’s digital strategies and security policies.

Actionable Steps:

Establish a routine schedule for inter-departmental meetings.
Create an open forum for discussing upcoming digital projects, potential security risks, and mitigation strategies.
Encourage an atmosphere where concerns and suggestions are openly discussed and addressed.‍

2. Collaborative Security Awareness Training:

A well-informed workforce is the first line of defense against cyber threats.
Collaborative training ensures that security protocols are not only understood but also followed.

Actionable Steps:

Develop comprehensive training modules in partnership with the Digital Workplace team.
Include real-world scenarios and recent case studies to highlight the importance of security in everyday digital interactions.
Regularly update the training content to reflect the latest threats and security best practices.

3. User-Centric Security Measures:

Security measures should enhance, not hinder, the user experience.
User-centric security practices increase compliance and reduce the likelihood of workarounds that compromise security.

Actionable Steps:

Implement solutions like eShare, which streamline external sharing and collaboration while ensuring data security.
Involve end-users in the decision-making process to understand their needs and preferences.
Regularly review and adjust security measures to ensure they align with user requirements and don't impede productivity.

Case Study: eShare in Action


A large enterprise facing challenges with managing external sharing and collaboration while maintaining data security.


Implementation of eShare, focusing on enhancing security without complicating the user experience.
eShare leverages existing investments in Office 365, placing guardrails and controls to improve security and compliance posture.


Streamlined external sharing processes.
Enhanced security and compliance without additional data repositories.
Increased user satisfaction due to the seamless integration and ease of use.


In conclusion, the synergy between CISOs and Digital Workplace teams is vital for the security and efficiency of any large enterprise. By embracing open communication, collaborative training, and user-centric security measures, CISOs can ensure their organizations are not only protected against cyber threats but are also well-positioned to thrive in the digital age.

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Mike Parrella

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