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This week our CEO received an email message, apparently from his bank. And he couldn't really tell if it was a phishing attack. What do you think?

Email from a bank - was it a phishing?

The email certainly appears to be from the credit union. But the email sender and URL show a different company's URL. That's the hallmark of a phishing attack.

A trip to the website of the domain name in question shows that it's an add-on to a popular email marketing system. Produced by a company with yet another name.

This could absolutely be a phishing attack.

The question now is - what to do? Call the credit union? Do we think they'll even know what that third-party is? Their own website implies that this email didn't come from them.

i.e. email should come from [our] email address, not another address

Their site further suggests:

Website links: The safest approach for dealing with email links is to not click the link at all. Logging directly into Online Banking [...] is the best way to access your account and any messages pertaining to your account.

Assuming the credit union is following their own guidelines, we can definitely conclude this is a phishing attack. They've said very clearly there should not be links in email messages they send, and not to click them, in any event.

Wouldn't it be easier to tell them just to make sure the link is also under the credit union's domain?

e-Share - Smart URL

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Bill Fletcher

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