Zero Trust and the New Norms of Data Security

The Evolving Workplace: Remote, Hybrid, and Collaborative

The workplace as we know it is undergoing a seismic shift. The pandemic has accelerated the transition to remote and hybrid work models, with organizations now collaborating across a myriad of channels. This new norm brings with it the challenge of ensuring secure interactions, not just within an organization but also with remote partners scattered globally.

Zero Trust: The New Gold Standard

The increasing complexity of the digital landscape, coupled with the rise in cyber threats, has made the traditional perimeter-based security approach obsolete. Enter the Zero Trust model, a paradigm where every user and device is treated as potentially untrusted until verified. This "never trust, always verify" mindset is fast becoming the norm, with even government agencies mandating its adoption for partners.

Safeguarding Data with Link-Based Sharing and DLP

One of the cornerstones of modern data security is the ability to share data without duplicating files. Link-based sharing, combined with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies, ensures that files never leave your environment. This method not only reduces the risk of data breaches but also ensures that there's a single source of truth, eliminating the challenges of version control.

Leveraging Existing Security Measures

Organizations have already invested heavily in data security policies, and the good news is that these can be seamlessly integrated into the new security paradigm. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) ensures that user identities are verified through multiple means, reducing the risk of unauthorized access. Additionally, tools like Microsoft Purview allow for efficient tagging and labeling, ensuring that sensitive data is easily identifiable and protected.

The Power of ABAC

Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) is another layer in the security matrix. With ABAC, access controls are determined based on user attributes, such as roles or departments. This ensures that data, especially those labeled as sensitive, is never shared with unauthorized entities. It's a dynamic, agile approach that adjusts permissions based on real-time attribute changes.

eShare: Your Partner in Achieving Data Security Excellence

eShare, in collaboration with Axiomatics, offers a transformative solution tailored for the modern workplace. Their platform not only aligns with the principles of Zero Trust and ABAC but also enhances them, providing a seamless experience especially for users familiar with Microsoft's environment.

By choosing eShare, organizations can:

  • Collaborate externally with unparalleled confidence.
  • Seamlessly integrate with collaborators without disrupting established workflows.
  • Stay compliant with emerging security directives and mandates.
  • Leverage the benefits of Zero Trust, DLP, MFA, and ABAC, all under one umbrella.


The future of work is here, and it's remote, hybrid, and collaborative. As the lines between different work models blur, the importance of robust data security measures cannot be overstated. By embracing the Zero Trust model, leveraging existing security tools, and partnering with pioneers like eShare, organizations can navigate this new landscape with confidence, ensuring that data remains secure, collaborations are seamless, and productivity thrives.


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