Replace Your Fax with Share-With-Me Links


Believe it or not, many businesses still use fax machines. For security reasons. For compliance purposes. Because it works... simply put, the fax has three huge advantages over email:

• It's relatively secure, being on a private network

• The odds of mis-addressing (sending to the wrong number) are relatively small

• The delivered content is relatively hard to distribute without a copying machine (at least), and the main exposure is relatively small vs a digital copy

Today, eShare released a full-on replacement for the fax machine: the Share-With-Me Link.

Put the link on your website, in your email signature, or on your business card... anywhere people who might want to share with you will see it!


Anyone who needs to send you content securely can click or enter the link. They'll have to briefly register...

e-Share - register

From there, they'll receive a fully branded invitation, sent from your domain, to a virtual data room created on-the-fly so they can share files with you securely and compliantly!

e-Share - Virtual Data Room

Now the sharer can instantly, securely upload files to you with a single click.

They need only web browser - no plug-ins or software downloads of any kind are required. All transmission is as secure and compliant as a fax machine:

• Protected in-motion with military grade encryption via your own sub-domain and SSL certificate

• Incorrect or broken URLs don't expose the content

• Persisted only to your organization's cloud file storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, all via SSO with auto-provisioning) - so it isn't available to anyone else in your company until you share it

But wait, there's more!

The ShareWithMe link even includes essential features of enterprise-grade fax machines - like notifications. You'll be notified automatically by email whenever someone shares with you:

e-Share - notification

The data room automatically enforces a range of sharing and authentication options. These are configured by your organizational administrator. A typical configuration is simply to allow files to be created & uploaded.

eShare Users: Start Replacing TODAY!

Your Share With Me link is available from the client web portal, under the identity window:

e-Share - Identity window

Just click on the red copy icon, paste it into your email signature and you're good to go. (Any questions? Contact customer service.)

For more information about this feature and how you can use it to replace your remaining fax machines, please register for a demo.

Bill Fletcher

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