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What comes to mind when you think of Secure Mail? A rare message from your bank, possibly lost in a spam filter? A confusing registration process?

Maybe you think of how you always forget your password.

The reality is that secure portals expire after 30 days and only intended to facilitate deliver of data to the large institution - bank, regulator, insurance company, etc. Few people worry about the experience. Because, they know the burden is on the customer to complete the transaction. Support call volume is a side-effect of having a lot of business... it's not an urgent problem, is it?

It is. And it doesn't have to be like this.

eShare Secure Mail Gateway (SMG) is a next-generation take on a venerable communication staple. Simply put, it's the first enterprise-class product that allows you to share sensitive information in a fully compliant and controlled way without compromising on the user experience, creating a burden for your organization’s support staff, or motivating people to share in a non-compliant way.

Senders and recipients will love it.

e-Share - VDR email

For starters, there's no painful web portal for senders to use. They just send an email right from their current system, including Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and G Suite - without installing any software or plug-ins. When Secure Mail Gateway receives this message from your organization's email system, it automatically manages the collaboration from there on your behalf, in full and automatic compliance with your organizational policies.

e-Share - How secure mail works

Recipients are invited to the eShare portal, which is fully re-branded with your company logo, colors, text and sub-domain (“”). Recipients will feel good about that, instantly realize that the experience is authentic. They’ll trust enough to collaborate without concern. All content is protected at rest and in motion using eShare’s patented, state-of-the-art key management and industry standard, military grade encryption algorithms.


Email administrators will love our message tracking console, which allows full audit and forensic examination of each secure mail message, along with the usual reporting and metrics. The solution supports all existing e-Discovery solutions as well.

SMG console

Secure Mail Gateway can also support non-regulated use cases in style, offering support for use of PIN codes or SmartURLs instead of full registration.

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Bill Fletcher

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