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As companies transition from "no cloud" to "cloud-first" models, they quickly discover the "external sharing problem."

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It's actually much more frustrating when it happens in "cloud first" environments, because sharing is a required consumer feature we all depend on. But sharing is more complicated in the enterprise. Core platforms like Office 365 and GSuite are designed to enable internal collaboration, but offer poor support for external users.

As a result, IT typically turns off these features. Or, if you own IT does not, the IT department at the companies your employees want to share with, typically blocks the incoming links. (There are so many good reasons for this.)

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Here's the problem. Sharing and collaborating with external parties is an essential business activity. It's required for partnerships, consultants, design firms ... even auditing!

How else would you drive value via strategic outsourcing and/or the network effect? If you want your auditor to make sense of your financial reports, they'll need to see them, at least. The problem is legacy sharing solutions don't support external collaboration effectively. They likely require on-premises hardware and/or installation of software or plug-ins by recipients.

Employees who work with partners, strategic vendors, etc will find a way around these limitations if they have no other choice. They know they have to succeed in their mission to get ahead.

Do you want shadow IT taking hold in your organization??

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Companies, even large/regulated ones, can support the employee mission by enabling secure external collaboration in concert with existing cloud file storage (OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box) and collaboration tools (O365, GSuite, Teams, Slack) by adding eShare. Our enterprise-grade platform provides the essential elements for secure external collaboration, including:

• Operating under your corporate domain, with your SSL certificate. Everything is verifiable, and unless a recipient is actively blocking your company, links and notifications will not be blocked. (Sharing from any of the cloud storage providers is likely already blocked, as they are notorious sources for phishing attacks.)

• Centralized, self-service administration of policies (by your security team), full auditing of all sharing events, and integration with existing compliance, governance, retention and e-Discovery systems and programs of all kinds

• Full integrations with O365, GSuite and other apps you already use, so it becomes incredible easy for users to share compliantly

Please, register for a demo to see eShare in action, and learn how you can deploy it for your organization in just a few days.

Bill Fletcher

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