The Future of Remote Work: Embracing IAM and Zero Trust in Compliance with Government Policies


In today's fast-evolving digital landscape, businesses are increasingly adopting remote work policies, prompted by both internal strategy and external influences, including government regulations. A key component of this shift is the growing importance of Identity and Access Management (IAM) and Zero Trust frameworks. These are not just buzzwords; they represent a fundamental shift in how businesses manage security in a world where traditional perimeters have dissolved.

The Rising Tide of IAM and Zero Trust

IAM and Zero Trust are critical in the context of remote work. IAM systems enable organizations to ensure that the right people have the appropriate access to organizational resources. This is crucial in remote setups where users connect from various locations and devices. Zero Trust, on the other hand, operates on the principle of "never trust, always verify," ensuring continuous validation of every access request, regardless of where it originates.

Government Policies Driving Adoption

Governments worldwide are recognizing the importance of robust cybersecurity frameworks. Policies and regulations are increasingly mandating businesses to implement stringent security measures, with a particular focus on IAM and Zero Trust. This is in response to the rising number of cyber threats and data breaches. Businesses must stay abreast of these evolving regulations to ensure compliance and protect their data and systems.

How Enterprises Can Prepare for the Future

Adopt a Proactive Stance: Enterprises should not wait for regulations to dictate their security strategies. Proactively adopting IAM and Zero Trust can provide a competitive edge and ensure readiness for any upcoming regulations.

Invest in Robust IAM Solutions: Tools like eShare streamline authentication and support multiple identity providers, making it easier for businesses to manage access while reducing the administrative burden.

Embrace Continuous Monitoring and Training: Continuous monitoring of network activities and regular training for employees are vital. These practices help in early detection of anomalies and ensure that all team members are aware of the best security practices.

Align with Government Compliance: Stay updated with government policies related to cybersecurity. This includes understanding the specific requirements in different regions or industries and ensuring that your security measures are compliant.

Engage with Target Account Buying Teams: Understanding the needs and concerns of various stakeholders like IT Administration, Information Security, and Governance Risk Compliance is crucial. Tailoring your security strategy to address these needs ensures a more robust approach.

Implement Flexible Authentication Options: With diverse workforces and varying external user needs, offering flexible authentication options like login requirements, OTP, and custom IdP sign-ins can significantly enhance security without sacrificing user experience.

Collaborate Securely: Use platforms that automate the right external sharing decisions, respecting existing control decisions. This reduces the risk associated with external file sharing and collaboration.


The future of business in the era of remote work is inexorably tied to the adoption of advanced IAM and Zero Trust frameworks. This trend is not just a response to technological advancements but is also driven by increasing government regulations. By proactively adapting to these changes, enterprises can not only ensure compliance but also fortify their defenses against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

In navigating these changes, eShare emerges as a pivotal platform for companies. eShare streamlines authentication processes and supports multiple identity providers, easing the transition to robust IAM systems. Its ability to automate external sharing decisions in compliance with existing controls significantly enhances secure collaboration. With flexible authentication options, including OTP and custom IdP sign-ins, eShare caters to diverse workforce needs, aligning with the principles of Zero Trust security.

eShare, in collaboration with Axiomatics, offers a transformative solution tailored for the digital workplace. Their platform not only aligns with the principles of Zero Trust and ABAC but also enhances them, providing a seamless experience especially for users familiar with Microsoft's environment.

By integrating eShare into their cybersecurity strategy, companies can effectively adapt to the evolving demands of remote work while adhering to government policies, ensuring a secure and efficient future in the digital workspace.

The time to act is now, as the future of secure and efficient remote work, supported by innovative platforms like eShare, is already upon us.


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