Trusted Sharing from SharePoint Online

eShare’s Trusted Sharing for SharePoint application allows users to initiate their external file sharing and content collaboration from within SharePoint Online. This greatly improves the productivity of users who are accustom to managing and curating their shared files and folders within SharePoint, eliminating the need for them to switch to the eShare Web Portal to perform their Trusted Sharing.

Digital Transformation at the Micro Level

Organizations are increasingly looking to optimize their business processes and use digital technologies to transform their business to achieve better outcomes for clients, employees and shareholders. With the eShare Trusted Sharing for SharePoint application, this transformation can extend down to the external file sharing and data rooms that users routinely use to collaborate with supplier, partners and customers.

Leverage SharePoint for Shared File Storage and Sharing UX

The Trusted Sharing for SharePoint application allows users to create a Trusted Share from within SharePoint, using SharePoint's familiar menu and a streamlined UX. And as is always the case, your shared files are only stored within SharePoint. eShare never stores your shared files.

As with Trusted Shares created via the eShare Web Portal, the shared files are made available to recipients, both inside and outside of your organizations, via a branded UX with access and usage rights determined by the selected sharing policy. These sharing policies are defined by your organization and can include a wide range of controls…e.g. view, edit, co-author, download, watermark, expiration, share with others, and authentication.

Once you select OK, a notification is sent to the recipients of your Trusted Share and you are given an opportunity to manage your Trusted Share via the eShare Web Portal. Whether your Trusted Share is created using our Trusted Sharing for SharePoint application or via the eShare Web Portal, management of your Trusted Shares is performed through the eShare Web Portal.

How do I get the Trusted Sharing for SharePoint application?

The application will soon be available from the Microsoft AppSource and Azure Marketplace stores, for easy installation by your O365 administrator. Till then, please contact your eShare Account Executive and Customer Success team to obtain the install package and instructions.

Visit the eShare web site for details on use cases, success stories and product features and to request a demo.

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