Unleashing the Power of Data and Analytics in Secure External Collaboration


In the interconnected realm of business, the ability to collaborate securely beyond the confines of your organization is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. The insights drawn from every interaction, transaction, and process form a rich tapestry of data that, when analyzed, can yield invaluable intelligence for every corner of an enterprise.

The Crucial Interplay of Data and Collaboration:

Data is the lifeline of decision-making in the digital workplace. But when collaboration extends to external partners, the complexity of managing, analyzing, and securing this data multiplies. Here, eShare emerges as a pivotal tool, providing granular user-level and enterprise-level logs and analytics to paint a comprehensive picture of collaboration health and risks.

• Digital Workplace - Harnessing Analytical Clarity: For those managing digital workplaces, the fusion of extensive collaboration tools with deep analytical insights means they can optimize communication channels, ensuring both efficacy and security. eShare's analytics illuminate patterns and trends, guiding the enhancement of collaborative practices.

• Information Security - Beyond the Firewall: Security experts know that the flow of data to and from external entities harbors potential risks. With eShare, they gain a robust analytics platform that integrates seamlessly with advanced SIEM systems like Splunk, transforming data trails into a forensic toolkit that fortifies defenses and supports strategic security planning.

• GRC - Data Analytics as a Governance Compass: GRC professionals use eShare's analytics to ensure that external collaborations don’t just thrive but comply. The platform's reporting capabilities serve as a governance compass, offering visibility into compliance adherence and risk exposure—essential in today’s regulatory landscape.

• Identity and Access Management (IAM) - Intelligent Access Insights: For IAM leaders, the question isn't just who has access, but the context of that access. eShare’s detailed logs provide insights into user behavior, helping to refine access controls and prevent unauthorized data sharing, ensuring that secure collaboration is as intelligent as it is seamless.

• IT Administration - A Panoramic View: IT administrators are tasked with overseeing the vast digital ecosystem. eShare's analytics offer them a panoramic view of the organization's collaborative activities, ensuring that all systems operate harmoniously, and securely, and are primed for peak performance.

• Business Units - Data-Driven Strategic Collaborations: Business units thrive on strategic collaborations that drive growth. With eShare, they gain access to analytics that not only measure the impact of these partnerships but also inform future collaborative endeavors, ensuring that each external interaction is as productive as it is secure.

• Executive Sponsors - Steering Through Insights: Executive sponsors require a clear vision to steer their departments. eShare's enterprise-level analytics provide them with the insights needed to make informed decisions that support the organization's strategic objectives, ensuring that every external collaboration is in service of the broader mission.

• Procurement - Analytical Assurance in Partner Selection: For procurement, selecting the right partners is paramount. eShare equips them with analytical tools to assess the security and performance of external collaborators, ensuring that due diligence is data-driven and partnerships are built on a foundation of analytical assurance.


Secure external collaboration, empowered by data and analytics, is at the heart of modern business strategy. eShare provides the analytics and insights crucial for each stakeholder, ensuring that collaboration is not only productive and insightful but also secure and compliant. By offering compatibility with external systems like SIEM and Splunk, eShare ensures that your data works for you, providing clarity and security in an increasingly complex digital landscape.


Discover the difference data-driven collaboration can make. Explore eShare’s capabilities at and take the first step towards a secure, insightful, and collaborative future.

Mike Parrella

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