Viewer ! = Downloader

Today let's look at the "share" dialog from a large cloud file storage provider:

Box share options

Why would you give someone Editor vs. Viewer access?

The reality is, they're basically the same, excessively permissive set of rights. While technically the viewer can't edit the shared material where it was shared from, they can download it and modify it and share it back with you. So the net difference is really upload.

A "viewer" should be limited to viewing the document. Downloading, editing online or offline, copy/paste, printing, should all be disabled.That's how you share sensitive information compliantly.

There isn't even an "advanced" option!

The good news: you can use eShare to share in real view-only mode, right from the enterprise applications you already use - like Office 365, GSuite, Microsoft Teams or Slack. As easily as you can send an email.

e-Share - Email confidential design

Among other things, eShare's enterprise-class platform offers alternatives to requiring full registration, including login with OpenID, use of access codes, and more.

e-Share - Fine grained sharing options

You can configure these centrally, and choose to allow users to override only when appropriate and authorized.

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Bill Fletcher

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