What if your collaboration partner wants to use Dropbox?

Should you say yes? What if your large/regulated company blocks that service? How long will it take, and how much effort will it take, for IT to change that. What approvals will be required? And what if they have questions?

A common security concern regarding both collaboration and storage platforms is the level and uniformity of auditing. For regulated data, this is absolutely essential to get right. Google Drive, for example, shows all users all activity. This might not be suitable for some situations. Microsoft OneDrive is more restrained.


Another concern might be the level of control provided during collaboration. Many services only offer collaboration by providing a copy of any documents or other files in question. What if it's sensitive, and the user doesn't need a copy? Does the collaboration platform offer a view-only option?

Box share options

You can solve all these issues and enable secure, compliant collaboration on any platform by adding eShare. We're already integrated with Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, O365, GDrive and GSuite. Our uniform auditing has passed muster with some of the most sensitive and regulated data.

e-Share - Audit search

In addition, our fine-grained sharing options go way beyond giving away a copy, allowing additional authentication including requiring the user to login with their Google or Microsoft account, specify an access code, view and edit-only options - and much more.

Schedule a demo today to see how you can say yes to most any collaboration platform - and make IT and your security team happy!

Bill Fletcher

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