Zero Trust About Where You Store Content

A tough data breach this week. A sharing service ended up "sending its users shared files to the wrong people".

The root cause could easily be a software issue, a breach in an underlying system (like a database), or some sort of hack - malware, causing clients to exfiltrate data, or perhaps an intruder doing the same.

This is why large and regulated enterprises block many third-party services. Simply put, it's hard to know how good their internal security is - or how good the security of the provider they purchase it from is - or how carefully they screen their employees, how thoroughly they retire old hardware, or how much insurance they really have.

And it takes a lot of time, knowledge and effort to verify anything. The average security review costs more than $10,000 and many cost an order of magnitude or more. Why not just ask a simple question:

Where do you store my company's data, and how do maintain our control over it?

The eShare platform was designed from the zero trust perspective to resist this type of issue by storing as little customer data as possible.

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More specifically:

  • eShare can be configured to store no passwords, requiring login via OpenID. Employees login with their corporate account and are automatically provisioned for services per organizational policies.
  • All shared content and conversations are stored in your organization's cloud file storage system - OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox or Box.
  • Using O365 or GSuite online, our integrations access the global address list, and all email is subject to existing organizational compliance and security processes, from 2FA to virus and malware scanning and domain/recipient blocking.

eShare is proud to protect the data of companies with a lot of sensitive data the business requirement to share it.

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Bill Fletcher

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