Zero Trust Sharing

In the zero trust model of network security, everyone is restricted to accessing nothing, and then granted permission to the things they specifically need access to. The network is not trusted.

Why would that stop at your perimeter? But it does. If you email a document you have rights to someone outside the company, they now have FULL rights to it. Let's hope you sent it to the right person.

This is the real crux of zero trust. You are obligated, for business reasons, to share information outside the company. But how do you extend zero trust to non-employees? The answer is that you can't just securely deliver a copy.

Secure is fine. Copy, is a problem.

Here's a solution: eShare's Secure Viewer (and Container). The container wraps your documents, optionally including encryption. The viewer then provides access to the content based on policies you (or your organization) select, for example restricting access to view only, adding a watermark, or automatically expiring the share after a period of time. All using a browser with zero software installation required.

e-Share - Red zone

Most importantly: you can change your mind anytime! There is a temporal aspect to zero trust that is frequently overlooked. Let's put it another way: how would you feel if you saw a news article that your auditor, a huge company, had been hacked? What would you do??

If you used our Trusted Sharing product, you'd simple disable their links, terminating their read-only view. If you didn't allow them a download, their hack is not a problem for you.If you'd like to see this in action, and see how you can extend your zero-trust approach to collaboration - register for a demo!

Bill Fletcher

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