eShare: The Best Choice to Replace Proofpoint's Secure Share.

As Proofpoint Secure Share reaches its end-of-life, businesses face the challenge of finding a secure, reliable, and feature-rich alternative. eShare stands out as the superior choice, offering unparalleled security, enhanced collaboration, and a commitment to compliance. It's not just a replacement; eShare elevates the file-sharing experience.

Understanding the Impact of Proofpoint Secure Share's End-of-Life:

Immediate Need for an Alternative:

Businesses must quickly find a replacement to avoid disruption in their file-sharing and collaboration processes.

Security and Compliance Concerns:

The end of Proofpoint Secure Share raises concerns about maintaining data security and meeting compliance standards.

Potential for Operational Disruptions:

Switching to a new platform may disrupt established workflows and collaboration practices.

Data Management Challenges:

Migrating data to a new platform needs to be secure, efficient, and compliant.

eShare - A Comprehensive and Advanced Platform:

eShare serves as a robust and versatile platform, providing enhanced security, improved collaboration, and a compliance-first architecture.

Addresses the critical need for a seamless and secure method of sharing sensitive files, ensuring operational continuity and data integrity.

Enhanced Security:

Robust security measures including granular access controls and multi-factor authentication.

Improved Collaboration:

Seamless collaboration capabilities, both internally and externally, without VPN access.

Data Sovereignty:

Flexible deployment options to adhere to data residency policies and maintain control over data.

Simplified IT Administration:

Streamlined administration with easy integration and enhanced reporting.

Compliance-first Architecture:

Commitment to maintaining compliance with global data protection standards.

Smooth Transition Process:

User-friendly upgrade process with minimal disruption to existing workflows.

Making the Switch to eShare:

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to eShare.


eShare is the comprehensive response to the end-of-life of Proofpoint Secure Share, offering a suite of features that cater to modern business needs. With enhanced security, improved collaboration, and a focus on compliance, eShare is the ideal choice for organizations seeking to upgrade their file-sharing and collaboration infrastructure.

Key Features of eShare:

Connect with our team to explore how eShare can revolutionize your business's file-sharing and collaboration capabilities.

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