Transitioning from Proofpoint Secure Share to eShare: Navigating the New Landscape of Secure Communication

Understanding Proofpoint Secure Share

Proofpoint Secure Share has been a staple in secure digital communication, providing a platform for encrypted email and file sharing, especially for sensitive data. Its core functionality included secure message delivery, ensuring that only intended recipients could access and read the contents. Features like expiration dates on messages and robust compliance with data protection regulations made SecureShare a go-to solution for many businesses.

The Problem: Discontinuation of Secure Share

The recent announcement of Secure Share's end-of-life presents a significant challenge. Companies heavily reliant on this platform now face potential risks:

• Disruption in Established Workflows: Organizations have integrated Secure Share deeply into their daily operations. Its discontinuation could disrupt established communication and data sharing processes.
• Data Security Concerns:
With Secure Share going out of service, businesses must quickly find a secure alternative to avoid vulnerabilities in handling sensitive information.
• Compliance Risks:
Many organizations used Secure Share to comply with industry regulations. Finding a replacement that meets these standards is crucial to maintain compliance.
• Transition Challenges:
Moving to a new platform can be daunting, especially for teams accustomed to Secure Share's specific functionalities and user interface.

Introducing eShare - A Comprehensive Alternative

eShare emerges as a holistic solution, offering not just a replacement for Secure Share's capabilities but also an enhancement. Here’s how eShare addresses these challenges:

• Seamless Integration with Office 365: eShare integrates smoothly with Office 365, providing a familiar environment for Secure Share users, easing the transition.
• Advanced Security:
eShare's secure sharing policy options and secure data rooms ensure that sensitive information remains protected during and after the transition from Secure Share.
• Streamlined Collaboration:
eShare's intuitive interface makes sharing and collaboration more efficient, addressing the workflow disruption concern.
• Robust Compliance Features: eShare offers detailed audit trails and complies with various data protection regulations, ensuring that organizations can maintain their compliance posture.
• User-Friendly:
eShare is designed for ease of use, minimizing the learning curve for former Secure Share users and ensuring a smooth transition.


The discontinuation of Proofpoint Secure Share, while challenging, opens the door to embracing eShare's advanced secure email and file sharing capabilities. eShare not only addresses the immediate need for a Secure Share alternative but also offers an opportunity to enhance and streamline secure communications and data handling processes.


Next Steps

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Proofpoint's exit, what's your next move for reliable, secure sharing?

(Recorded December 14th, 2023)

Mike Parrella

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